Data Analysis: Point Pleasant Borough First Aid Squad(R and JavaScript)
As an EMT, I had an interest in looking at the data associated with the Point Pleasant Borough First Aid Squad, the EMS agency I volunteer for. I used R to analyze 8 years worth of call data, and I visualized the data with Plotly. You can view the report below and read the companion blog post.
Data Analysis Report or Blog Post
"Square Q"; Visualizing ANOVA Post Hoc Analysis(Statistics with R)
The Tukey HSD Test is a great way to find significant differences between groups in categorical data. As the number of groups increases, the number of comparisons quickly increases. This is a method for visualizing these comparisons more efficiently.
Blog Post
Directed Reading Program: Chaotic Dynamical Systems(LaTeX)
Independent reading course where undergraduates are paired with a graduate student mentor. Students study a topic in mathematics not taught in any other undergraduate course and give a talk at the conclusion of the semester.
Gravel Quarry Management Plan(Python and ArcGIS)
These maps are a summary of a much more extensive project to produce a management plan for a one square mile property purchased by the Ocean County Natural Lands Trust. These maps are original works based on surveys from the USDA or that I conducted. Management plan was presented to the Ocean County Natural Lands Trust Advisory Committee on 27 June 2018 and recognized by the Board of Chosen Freeholders.

Technical Skills