Spotify Graph

imageHave you ever wanted to visualize the true size of your Spotify Library? Spotify Graph displays your saved songs as a graph of the album covers over the years they were released.


imageGeoCloud is a cloud based mapping and data collection application I wrote in 2016/17. GeoCloud allows teams to collaborate while collecting geospatial data which can be exported into other GIS applications.

PuTTY Theme

imageA nice PuTTY color scheme I made. It's also availible as a Brackets theme. Get it from the Brackets extension manager or download the zip.

PuTTY Theme Brackets Theme

Waffle House Map

imageMap comparing heart disease deaths in the US (per capita) with Waffle House locations. Great example of correlation without causation.

Gravel Quarry Management Plan

Methyl Violet

imageI like to make some music on my free time. You can listen to my albums on bandcamp and all of your favorite streaming services.

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